Freedom Lies in Financial Independence.

Starting in 2014 unprecedented numbers of veterans  started to re-enter the job market, joining hundreds of thousands of former military troops currently seeking employment. 

The current job market is limited.  Many veterans face significant challenges in finding a job.  In fact, studies show that unemployment among veterans age 24-35 is as high as 17%.  The inability to obtain employment is recognized as a major contributor to veteran depression, divorce, and despair.

We believe business ownership is the answer to veteran unemployment.  Many veterans have started their own successful, thriving enterprises.  Talking about it is easy.  Providing real tangible support is another thing.  We offer that concrete, detailed, hands-on support to help veteran owned businesses reach their goals more quickly.

Veteran Entrepreneurs Today, “V.E.T.”, is a program produced and supervised by National Veterans Transition Services Inc., a San Diego based non-profit corporation (http://nvtsi.org( dedicated to filling the needs of returning veterans by supporting them to start small businesses.  This unique program coordinates “think tank” groups of veterans, with an emphasis on veterans with service connected disabilities, who express an interest in starting their own business.  The group meets weekly, shares challenges, and gains insights.  Together they focus on goals and action steps with accountability to each other and the group leaders.  Participants receive follow-up mentoring for 6 months after the initial 12-week group.

V.E.T. musters local small business community experts on topics such as marketing, legal issues, taxes, management, human resources, and other small business concerns to provide weekly topic discussions/presentations in a round-table format.  

Veteran participation is free to qualified participants. 

This program model is the first of its kind. There is nothing like it nationwide.  A few programs offer one-off workshops, but none offer the hands-on, close support required to insure success.

We are seeking corporate sponsorship for this worthy program.  A full description is available.  Please partner with us to help our military vets become successful business owners.

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